life is the heart of a rainbow

I made it back to Singapore in time to catch Yayoi Kusama’s show at the National Gallery Singapore! Earlier in the year, I was taking In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting from MoMA x Coursera (an excellent course if you’re looking for something to learn). Kusama was the last artist we studied and I happened to be in Singapore when doing some additional research and read about her show Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn which I couldn’t get to in time : ( and the upcoming one in Singapore which was more feasible. I’ve come across her work here and there but have never had the opportunity to see such a large body of work together so was really looking forward to this.

The above red painting—Infinity Nets is one of my favourites from Life is the Heart of a Rainbow and was made with gouache, pastel and ink on paper in 1952. The exhibition room that held her black and white pieces from floor to ceiling was also quite stunning. There’s so much to see and discover in each piece of work.

A series of golden yellow oranges from the show…

and more dots and reflections.


The Hirshhorn has organized a North American tour and dates are:


The Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo is opening October 1, 2017. Tickets for the first two months are sold out already but December tickets will be available October 1.

Hope you can catch her work somewhere around the world.

art, place-making and resilient cities

Last weekend, Hong Kong Baptist University hosted a two day conference titled Art, Place-Making and Resilient Cities. The main themes covered were:

Social Justice and Place-Making Through Art

Art as Urban Metaphor

Resilience: Art as Sustainable Change

Art and Its Publics—What makes a Successful
Public Place?


Thiago Mundano . Anson Mak . John Aiken . Parisa Tehranizadeh .Wang Da Wei . Mary Jane Jacob. Peter Robinson . Jay Pather

The keynoters and panel speakers covered a lot ground. Conversations need to continue in guiding people towards embracing and understanding the necessity and power of the arts in our communities in whatever form they hold.

Apart from the confirmation that public/art/space/place/practice can never be fully defined or agreed upon ; ), some highlights, realizations, inspiration…

  • From the Factories—a website documenting the stories of  artists and creatives utilizing space in the Kwun Tong factories and how things continue to be at odds with the revitalization policies of the government. This was especially interesting as I went on a walking tour last year organized by Hulu Culture to learn more about Kwun Tong’s history.
  • I should read a lot more John Dewey
  • Infecting the City, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Pimp my Carroça‘s movement and spread across the globe
  • Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh—see the sewer cover above? It’s a map of Chandigarh! Merging obsessions…how am I only coming across this now?


300 years


This exhibit closes next week so catch it if you can. Fascinating history of Hakka kung fu and its movement from China down to Hong kong. There are holograms, 3D clips, interactive games, short docs, maps and more.


300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu
on until 28 February 2017, 10am – 7pm, closed Mondays
CityU Gallery, 18/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (AC3)
City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong

Take the Kowloon Tong MTR exit C to Festival Walk and there’s a bridge to the campus from the mall. Here’s a map if you prefer not to wander around the uni.


goodbye eider ducks, goodbye 2016



We’ve come to the close of 2016 and the last of the calendar postcards for Students on Ice. Hope you have someone in mind who’ll love receiving some ducks in the mail and go get your new year post sent out this week! : )

Ducklings in action…

I still have postcards left so if you’d like a set or two, pm me wherever that’s possible with your address and I’ll send that along to you.

Have a beautiful start to 2017.

this week in art

Some interesting and free art to check out in Hong Kong these next few weeks:

University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU

Went to see Pictures of the Past: Hungarian Photographer Dezső Bozóky in Hong Kong (on until 08.01.17) which was a fascinating but small exhibit and discovered the Kinsey collection. It was excellent and included some amazing historical pieces. Stories abound through those and the art. Rising Above closes 26.02.17


M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District

Currently on show is Shifting Objectives (05.02.17)


There’s a lot of construction going on around there but don’t let that deter you…we spent quite some time watching the cranes do their thing. So many cranes!

The show is really well curated from their collection with just enough information accompanying the objects to read. Also, pick up the booklet on design and its purpose using examples from the show.


There’s been naturepile work happening on Lantau, Hong Kong created by Shekou International School sixth graders on their Week Without Walls trip.

It’s been exciting for me to follow along on their adventures and creations. Have a look here: @morganstudentart and also check out #naturepile. Tag yours as well if you fancy joining in on the fun :).

Lately in the arthouse…

jo the spectacled caiman


and other happenings…

The other day, I finally managed to catch up with Jo who was relaxing in the sunshine and being cooperatively still. Usually it’s just the turtles out and about and Jo nowhere in sight. Lots of hiding spaces I read in the sign.



Pineapple Bun and friends had their home cleaned yesterday. I heard some commotion next door so popped over to have a look. Later in the afternoon, Oak Ye (or the other unnamed Bengal Monitor) was checking out the window now with a clearer view.


Looking out from the Art House is Tai To Yan staring back. I need to hike over there one day soon for some views of Kam Tin, Tai Po and of course a look back over at Kadoorie.

I also made a new sign for my workspace : ).