a list

I love lists–making, finding, perusing other people’s… and there’s an abundance of them come year end. So what better time than now to put my own out there.  Song/album/artist recommendations are at times I reckon even better than book recommendations. Like viewing a piece of artwork, there’s an immediacy to the response to music and it will forever be linked to that person, place and time in your life.

music i’m fond of that i crossed paths with this year…in chronological order of course:

  • the roots–how i got over: sitting in a cafe in SF with a great friend…much to say, so little time, and a slight obsession with said city
  • bon iver–for emma, forever ago; bon iver: playing poker in an LA living room to bon iver…the night could’ve gone on forever with the most memorable poker game ever
  • the naked and famous–passive me, aggressive you: their song was on an art video i stumbled upon in the maze of the internet late at night…stumbling is delightful
  • benjamin francis leftwich–last smoke before the snowstorm: hearing him play live whilst lying on a grassy sliver of a hill in HK with most of the gang under  blue sky and sunshine
  • explosions in the sky–the earth is not a cold dead place: came across them on a soundtrack for a video…this is one of their older albums but definitely my favourite. calming and depressing and quite suitable for writing to

and to leave you with something music related to check out if you haven’t come across it already–the art of flight  (courtesy of my dear brother who had the family watch it on boxing day). Visually stunning with an absolutely brilliant soundtrack. And the Naked and Famous happen to be on it too.


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