the language of learning

was the theme at this year’s EARCOS Teachers’ Conference.  It was encouraging to hear the arts in the dialogue of so much that is going on in education. I appreciated the time to connect, network and learn together with other educators in the Asia region. There are so many amazing things going on in the schools in this region and still so much more that we can all do.

Some thoughts collected from the keynoters last week:

Cathy Davidson

One learns better with dialogue.
Our learning system is very RIGID.
We are at the moment where we can change schools and education.

Steven Layne

We are here to offer hope of a better future.
Who are your balcony people?

  • contributed to your life and altered the direction of your life
  • helped you become who you are
  • encouraged and cheered you on

Sometimes it is the faith of others that is the game changer in our lives.

Jason Ohler

Committed Sardines:

Be a door OPENER! (for your students/others) Facilitating/encouraging these opportunities requires a special kind of listening.

There should be a merging of the digital life and non-digital life.

Literacy encompasse the digital, art, oral, written; and enables stories–highly efficient information containers to be shared.


Character education for digital kids is necessary and we should be starting this now.



Best giveaways at the conference this year…

  • Perma-Bound‘s author & illustrator calendar-my kids will be ecstatic over all the info and artwork inside
  • USF’s green Sharpie highlighter-ever so handy and who doesn’t love Sharpie?

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