EdCamp HK

EdCamp HK hosted at Quarry Bay School

A great turnout for EdCamp HK today. So encouraging to see people from a range of backgrounds interested in education.

Where is your heart in education? is what we started off the morning with.
Mine would be the arts. For students to be able to engage and appreciate the arts. To be excited to tell their stories, value the stories of others told, gain a better understanding of the world they live in and the ways they can impact their community/world through the arts.

The rest of the morning was spent doing world café where people moved around to different groups for each of the questions and a designated table host stayed behind to recap the discussion to the new group members before starting the next.

Where in the world are we?
What can we do?
Where is the future headed?

A wide range of responses and even more questions were generated.  My table was focused around the idea of connectedness and accessibility.  How are we connected and what are we connected by? Who has accessibility? What factors play a role? We are privileged to have so many resources and opportunities available to us so what are we doing with it and how do we utilize it for good? How are we responsive to social issues immediately within our community and also in the world? Do we have a good understanding of what the needs are? Have we identified our strengths? What is our response to poverty? What is the role of education? What is the role of technology? How can we contribute individually and collectively?  Where do we see disconnects? Why does education cost so much?  What are students learning/not learning in school? Why is the school day not enough (exponential growth of tutoring centres in Hong Kong)? What is the purpose of education from different perspectives?

From our morning dialogue, we harvested ideas/thoughts/questions and put them up to look for similar themes to guide the afternoon’s open space discussions. Any topic/question can be put forth and you have the freedom to move from conversation to conversation.

The day goes by fast when you’re engaged.  It was refreshing to hear new ideas and perspectives, meet new people and make new friends.

Whether in the field of education or not, we are all educators and most importantly learners.  We all have something to offer, we just need to choose to make a difference.

Leaving the day, I would like to gain a better understanding of the local education system in Hong Kong and how it compares to the international schools.  Also, to continue the conversation and create a plan with those excited about education and all that it entails. What can we do together in our city?

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