reading makes me happy

The Wheaton Public Library was a frequent hangout during my elementary school days. I remember sitting in there one Saturday morning and realizing halfway into a book that island is not  is land but i land and suddenly the story making sense. I am quite certain there were no pictures! ; ) The joys of learning to read.  Favourites from my childhood: Encyclopedia Brown, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and The Get Along Gang.

Libraries are wonderful community spaces and resources and you really need to get a library card if you don’t have one already. Did you know there are 67 public libraries in Hong Kong and also several mobile libraries? I was sad to discover that you can only have out six books in one go, though that might really be a good thing in disguise as I have a habit of reading way too many books at the same time. Currently, I am working my way through Story-Steven James, Newspaper Blackout-Austin Kleon, The Arts and the Creation of Mind-Elliot Eisner,  Experience and Art-Nancy Smith, Missed Connections-Sophie Blackall, Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas-Rebecca Solnit, Cassette from My Ex-Jason Bitner, Talking about Student Art-Terry Barrett, and The Lover’s Dictionary-David Levithan. Always taking recommendations so do tell if you come across an exceptional read.

Reading should be celebrated everyday! We had book character day at school this past Friday and it was great seeing the kids so excited about reading, their character and sharing about the book they selected. Seeing as I’ve been the same character for at least the past 6 years, I still have kids asking if I’m a cat or rabbit. But this year was the best…a first grader with much certainty said to me: I know what book you’re from. Which one? The yearbook.

I guess he didn’t really see me in costume at all, which makes me question what I normally wear to school. I either need to work on another character for next year or get a pig snout and larger ears.

Book character day a few years back…couldn’t resist trying on my first grader’s costume.  It was not easy getting out of it.

This year with Miss Viola Swamp.

Visit a library, keep reading…and learning!

6 thoughts on “reading makes me happy

  1. haha you’re like me. i read way too many books at once. sometimes takes me too long to finish a book. i need to stop that. the lover’s dictionary sounds interesting. he he

  2. I love that Hong Kong has many mobile libraries because where I live in the US there are no mobile libraries. It would make me so happy to see that on the street. PS. Love your outfits.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You should create a pop-up library or two : ) It’d be lovely to stumble upon a stash of books somewhere. I will have to check in on your book reviews once I finish off a few more of my current reads.

      1. I would love to put just a painted and decorated cardboard box library, but then it would rain on the books. I’ll have to think about it. Our parks need pop-up libraries, but I think anything that goes in the park has to be city approved. BLEH.

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