so this is the new year

…on my way to school and it’s always a brilliant orange-red at the beginning of the school year.

Two weeks of school and 1.5 cycles of classes done so I’ve now met all my new K artists and all the first and second graders. The kindergarteners are always the highlight of the new year–learning names, figuring out siblings… and they’re just an especially fun age to work with as so many things are new to them and they are full of personality and enthusiasm.   I love being excited about art with them and consider myself very lucky to get to interact with kids most the week.  One can learn a lot from 5 -7 year olds!

This school year is also the start of high school for my very first kindergarten homeroom class. Only a few of them are still here but when I run into them in the cafeteria or hallway, I remember my very first day of school as a teacher. It’s been interesting to see the school grow over time and in that process learn to consistently question why we do what we do. I think I also get what this means now.

Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.”  Jonathan Kozol

Not necessarily battles but you do learn what the priorities are and where to focus your energy.   Change can be slow but it does happen and I’m so encouraged to see a variety of things moving forward this year.

It’s going to be a good one…186 more days of learning, growing, adventures, fun and excitement.

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