green love

In one of my art classes in uni, my friend did one of his assignments as a graffiti piece on an art gallery in the middle of the night and documented it.  Have since wanted to give it a go and today was probably the closest I’ll get to painting anything on a wall that doesn’t belong to me.

Mr. B, the third grade teacher down the hall, mixed up a batch of moss paint to test out green graffiti on our 5/F balcony pillar with his class.  Did a quick outline for the students to paint in and off we went.  The moss concoction had a delicious scent and as murky green as it was, more than one of us wanted to drink it.  The secret ingredient after all was maple syrup…can’t go wrong with some Canadian goodness.

It’s going to take quite a few weeks for the moss to grow. In the meantime, it’ll be watered and repainted on alternating days.

our mini garden…a larger edible garden for school is in the works!
fancy a drink?
third grader working on the I
planters and pillar just around the corner from the art room



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