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So many great learning opportunities teaching and living in Asia.  Last weekend I was in Kuala Lumpur for the EARCOS Leadership Conference and this weekend I’m at the GIN Conference in Singapore. Both very new and different experiences. There is much to process from the ELC and now, even more ideas, conversations and learning taking place here with the HS students to add to the mix.

Not being in an administrative role, it was interesting to meet and interact with so many administrators and school leaders in KL. We often do not see or are unaware how administrators connect with the day to day of learning and school life. I was most encouraged by those I spoke with and learned from–to be reminded of their passion and vision and to see that they are truly invested in what they are doing in promoting and supporting growth and change in their school communities.

Here at GIN, the dedication and excitement of so many HS students is amazing.  Seeing them in action here–building relationships, engaging each other in dialogue over Rischard’s 20 global issues, collaborating, planning…is truly inspiring.

Too often  we compartmentalize people into roles and default to the If only they would mentality. Over these two weekends though, I have seen people take ownership and action. We need to continue to share our stories, connect, and build community for change.  




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