It’s thanksgiving again! One of the great things about teaching at an American school is getting to celebrate American thanksgiving as well as Canadian thanksgiving. We have some teachers learning at the ICEC conference in Chiang Mai right now so this morning, I got to spend some time in the first grade classroom. We did D.O.L., published some writing– How to Catch a Turkey and then started on our thankful turkey feathers. I thought these two were great:

I am thankful for my wonderful universe because it is explorable.

I am thankful for my loving mom because she’s pretty even though she has short hair.


The class next door was working on some notes of thanks and lucky me, I got a bunch…perhaps due to the fact that we had art class next : ).

A few highlights…

  • Thank you for teaching me art and how to make things made out of things.
  • Thank you for teaching us about the buildings and the magazines.

I must be imparting great wisdom on the use of magazines in art.
First graders are awesome.


I am thankful for our wonderful TAs, who are such an important part of our school community and do so much for us! They also made a delicious thanksgiving lunch this past week so I got my turkey fix for the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!
May it be a productively restful and reflective day.

live well and love well


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