what i love about

Sharon Lam, AP art show

IMG_1611Philz Coffee–Am not an avid coffee drinker but I could be if I lived closer to Philz. And what a mission statement they have. Was most intrigued by the ordering/paying/picking up routine in place.

IMG_2114Karl the Fog–Provides endless entertainment from across the Pacific though stalking him in person is preferred. Humour, wit, good looks and some stealthy moves…need I say more.

IMG_2078landmarks–better than a compass

IMG_2085climbing high–Plethora of vantage points…really every other block it seems . A view whichever direction you look.

birite frozen goodness–Can one city have more specialty ice-cream stores? Have yet to make my rounds but they all look delightful.

IMG_1498green green grass and blue blue sky

IMG_2103 art everywhere–in and around the city and an abundance of art happenings

IMG_2090IMG_2108the dahlia dell & golden gate park–Symmetry, colour and organic forms abound. Pretty much everything I enjoy doing within its 4.1 km².


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