uncover/discover ARARTE hong kong day one

The sixth Asia Region Art Educators conference was hosted in Hong Kong this past weekend by the amazing art educators at Hong Kong International School.  It was lovely to re-connect with so many people from previous ARARTE and EARCOS conferences and to meet new educators as ARARTE continues to grow.

museum visit–The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards is currently on at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.  Of all the previous ones I’ve been to, this is by far the most engaging body of work. The art scene is moving in such an interesting direction and museum visits with fellow art educators is just full of conversation and fun. Go see it!


SCAD tour and workshop–I had been wanting to visit SCAD since they opened in Hong Kong in 2010 as the building was previously the North Kowloon Magistracy and old Hong Kong is fascinating. They did a beautiful job conserving and highlighting a piece of history–something HK definitely needs more of.  Their professors hosted several workshops for our group. Had the pleasure of hearing Derek Black, the graphic design prof, speak on cultivating creativity.  He talked about how we as educators tell our stories to create connections and facilitate change. Where is it that you draw inspiration from? Where does your research stem?  What is it that we experience, observe and record? One thing that resonated with me the most was his emphasis on making.  As art educators, we consistently dialogue about the practice of our own art making (or often the lack of) and balancing that with teaching. What is your source of creative output? How do we and should we emphasize the process that encourages the journey–with both failures and successes, that lead to the discovery of unexpected things?

                                Find your identity in the process of making. –Derek Black


city photography walk–Led by André Eichman around Sham Shui Po, there is much to spot in the city when you take the time to look.


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