the museum of modern art × coursera

my blind contour of van gogh’s starry night

Giving online courses a go and signed up for Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art on Coursera. We’ve just finished week two and it’s been going well. What I’ve enjoyed most so far has been the readings assigned each week which has introduced me to a few more current authors and their research along with the opportunity to revisit some well known education writers. Have been trying out Evernote and Notability for the PDFs but reckon I still prefer holding the articles on paper and being able to write, draw and colour over them. As for the videos, they’re informative but missing that connection of a real person sharing their knowledge and passion with you and feels more like you’re being talked at. The forums are overloaded and you just have to pick and choose where to look and engage. It’s a different kind of dialogue. A great positive of the course is that it’s free, which I find pretty amazing. There was the option of joining Coursera’s Signature Track for a fee to get a verified certificate but I’m putting that towards other learning funds, perhaps grad school…though that amount is merely a drop, if a drop at all, in the bucket ; ). I’m taking the coming year to explore learning + arts in community spaces and this has provided me a glimpse into museum education.

Any notable online courses you’ve taken or come across? I’m considering some design classes on Skillshare for the upcoming months and will see what other offerings are on Coursera.


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