or so it’s called.

Finished teaching for the day to find these two news gems in my inbox.

Thank you friends for sending my way. Glad these make you think of me. Curious as to what the manhole summit will entail ; ).

Personally prefer the stumble upon delight of crossing paths with a stunning sewer cover. This was my fave in Kobe…spotted in a raised sidewalk planter of sorts.


Latest Japan additions can be found here.


the pb hunt

One of my greatest fears is one day developing a peanut allergy. I love peanut butter and pretty much all things peanut. My brother and I have been talking about doing this pb taste test for most the year now. Recently got a replacement jar of Whole Foods crunchy pb so we were set with eight + speculoos cookie butter since I have it and it is rather delicious. We’ll add more to the list eventually but eight open jars of pb takes up enough space already in my box of a kitchen.


We considered ingredients, colour, texture and taste. It really was just an elaborate excuse to have pb for dinner. My fave was Whole Foods 365 crunchy and the bro’s was Whole Foods 365 creamy.


We like how Whole Food opened up in Canada after we both left.  Now to ration supplies to make it last until we can next get our hands on some jars.

what would you like from the US?

A  visit from you and everything here.

salome food


It’s strange the things you miss living abroad…from a place like home but not really home yet feels so much like home. A summer without North America has left me somewhat off-kilter.

What would be on your list?

Am awaiting the imminent arrival of goods…and friend.

summer reads


Hit up the library yesterday for some NZ authors and some ed books to complete my summer reading list.  Quite fancy these covers. Some books from summers past but I am determined to finish them all this time round…or perhaps two thirds of the lot may be a more attainable and realistic goal ; ).

What’ll you be reading? Any good recs from the past year?


what i love about

Sharon Lam, AP art show

IMG_1611Philz Coffee–Am not an avid coffee drinker but I could be if I lived closer to Philz. And what a mission statement they have. Was most intrigued by the ordering/paying/picking up routine in place.

IMG_2114Karl the Fog–Provides endless entertainment from across the Pacific though stalking him in person is preferred. Humour, wit, good looks and some stealthy moves…need I say more.

IMG_2078landmarks–better than a compass

IMG_2085climbing high–Plethora of vantage points…really every other block it seems . A view whichever direction you look.

birite frozen goodness–Can one city have more specialty ice-cream stores? Have yet to make my rounds but they all look delightful.

IMG_1498green green grass and blue blue sky

IMG_2103 art everywhere–in and around the city and an abundance of art happenings

IMG_2090IMG_2108the dahlia dell & golden gate park–Symmetry, colour and organic forms abound. Pretty much everything I enjoy doing within its 4.1 km².

SF in twenty

july 2012 . united . airbnb

twenty is hard for sf