goodbye eider ducks, goodbye 2016



We’ve come to the close of 2016 and the last of the calendar postcards for Students on Ice. Hope you have someone in mind who’ll love receiving some ducks in the mail and go get your new year post sent out this week! : )

Ducklings in action…

I still have postcards left so if you’d like a set or two, pm me wherever that’s possible with your address and I’ll send that along to you.

Have a beautiful start to 2017.

dogs i know

These are finally heading out in the post. I don’t know many dogs which made for a quick series. Much prefer other people’s furry companions.

thank you for being you

Happy Thanksgiving! I do love this season bookended by Canadian and American thanksgiving. This autumn has been marked by multiple reminders to intentionally and consistently make/create and reflect. Am continuing to learn to embrace and grow from each new experience that has come my way . Much to be thankful for each day this past year, especially those who have come alongside investing time to share their journey and connect.

Thankful for you,
the story we share
+ the post to send mail your way.

when i go forwards

you go backwards and somewhere we will meet.


That’s listening from both ends when you stumble upon a podcast well on its way. Meeting will take place around episode 57 I reckon. Going forwards is much easier.

Things you want to know but didn’t know you wanted to know.  99% Invisible is just brilliant. Fascinating things in this world of ours just waiting to have their story told.

It was the podcast on Kowloon Walled City that caught my eye. We used to live in proximity to it and mum would tell stories from her childhood…about not wanting to but having to wander into the maze to deliver sewing for my grandmother. This, after hiking over a mountain or two to get there, and then again to return home.

Favourite episodes thus far:

13-Maps, they don’t love you like I love you.

Infinite City is a piece of art. Not the ideal book for commuting with so slowly and sporadically reading my way through it. Beautiful maps and beautiful words telling the stories of SF.


28-Movie Title Sequences 

Such potential for being the best part of a movie and definitely sets the tone for what follows. It is being added to the on-going list at school of Art Jobs We Now Know We Can Have.


47-US Postal Service Stamps 

I like that stamps give you an option of being thoughtful with it if you choose. Tiny works of art that complete a piece of mail. Am equally fond of postmarks and postboxes. And so I have to say the National Postal Museum is a pretty awesome place. But then again, I think post offices themselves are pretty amazing too. Like the Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


or the Nsawam Post Office, Ghana.


Which brings me to the fine little tune that concludes podcast 47–the work song, by Ghanaian postal workers at the University of Ghana.


I had to rewind, if that’s even what it’s still called, and make sure I heard it correctly. Yes, Ghanaian.

Go check out the genius that is 99% Invisible.

AZ and SF

The ever changing landscape in Arizona is stunning as is the vastness and colours of the sky.  Have you ever seen it rain from afar as grey clouds sail across the blue? Breathtakingly beautiful.

San Francisco is beautiful in a different sense.  It’s a city in the sky, appearing and disappearing as it pleases. Mesmerized by my first sighting of hummingbirds, that strange feeling of running into fog, the perfect symmetry of dahlias.

I forgot to photograph the postcards I painted in SF before mailing them off…next time.

4×6 exchange

Finished and posted in the mail with an international reply coupon…which was the first I’d ever heard of such a thing and costs HK$14.


Now just anticipating the arrival of some art.

100 Postcard Challenge

Mail for a great cause!  Support the movement for abolishing modern day slavery by taking part in IJM’s 100 postcard challenge. Unfortunately I am stateless but if you live in the US–sign up, get those postcards signed, and delivered to your member of congress. Now’s the time to take action and let your voices be heard.