jo the spectacled caiman


and other happenings…

The other day, I finally managed to catch up with Jo who was relaxing in the sunshine and being cooperatively¬†still. Usually it’s just the turtles out and about and Jo nowhere in sight. Lots of hiding spaces I read in the sign.



Pineapple Bun and friends had their home cleaned yesterday. I heard some commotion next door so popped over to have a look. Later in the afternoon, Oak Ye (or the other unnamed Bengal Monitor) was checking out the window now with a clearer view.


Looking out from the Art House is Tai To Yan staring back. I need to hike over there one day soon for some views of Kam Tin, Tai Po and of course a look back over at Kadoorie.

I also made a new sign for my workspace : ).

haut-commissariat du canada

IMG_4983Hooray to the arrival of ten year Canadian passports…and art on the pages! My favourite is 30-31showing Nellie McClung of the famous five, and Terry Fox‚Äďread their stories in the page dropdowns. I got mine back in February but we went to the High Commission of Canada yesterday so my sister could collect hers.


I¬†poked around One George Street as I couldn’t be bothered¬†to sign in, go through security, etc. to head up. A not so windy day in Singapore but finally figured out the other flag is for New Zealand¬†as their High Commission is in the next tower…Commonwealth neighbours.

IMG_4944Here’s a map of all Commonwealth countries, many more than I knew of. I also did¬†some reading up on embassies and high commissions and learned the latter is what we find in Commonwealth countries.

IMG_4986These beauties were near the flagpoles and captured during my wait. I find the plants here are sculptural, vibrant, and pretty much everywhere. Beautiful and rather magical.

later in the morning as we explored Fort Canning Park

it is finished

art salome-0001

Frequently heard in Ghana these past few weeks, usually when things were not available…or whenever. But it is indeed finished, travelogue–art for the sketchbook project 2013. Sure felt like being back in uni staying up late and working on art till the early hours of the morn. The pages, or go see it when it’s road-tripping.

blue eyes

Not only a great song off Garden State–what I reckon is one of the best soundtracks out there, but was so tempted to write that in my sketchbook and stand next to the guy holding the sign that said Brown Shoe at the arrivals hall. ¬†Just one shoe mind you. ¬†One brown shoe. We would have made quite the duo beside all the hotel pick-up people. Not sure how well they would’ve taken my cheekiness but I should’ve given it a go. I waited and watched but didn’t end up getting to see who brown shoe turned out to be. ¬†Ever so curious.

By the end of November, I would’ve been at the airport ten times in the past two months. Quite a personal record and am ambivalent about my carbon footprint but at least one of these visits I wasn’t travelling and actually had some time to watch people and draw. Airports are such interesting places, especially the arrivals hall. People hover, pace, wait in anticipation. It’s a happy place, a place of connections. To know someone is out there waiting for you because they want to be with you that moment you stop being in transit is pretty amazing as is getting to watch people’s faces light up as that invisible gap closes.

It was good to have to draw quickly and practice getting in just those lines needed. Some of the people who caught my eye…

family having a Starbucks snack

arrivals hall A

this guy had trendy hand carry luggage…his friend was buying tickets of some sort so I had a few minutes to sketch

mom, kid, kid, guard

catching some shuteye




taipei art conference

The Asia Region Art Educators Conference took place at Taipei American School this month. I missed last year’s out in Shanghai so was really looking forward to reconnecting with friends I’d met in Singapore the year before that and to meet new artists and share what is happening in schools in the region. ¬†¬†It was also encouraging and a good reminder to hear about others working on balancing teaching and consistently creating as an artist in whatever form that may be. Never a dull moment hanging out with artsy people and such passionate educators!

Our first day together was spent checking out the art scene in Taipei, second day workshops and third an art talk about the work of Christo and Jeannne-Claude.  Art is about ideas and process and this was so inspiring.

We had an evening flight out Sunday so was able to squeeze in a visit to Yingge after the conference. If you love ceramics and working in clay, you need to stop at the ceramics museum and explore the neighbouring area.

october 2012 . hong kong airlines . dandy hotel–tianmu

long weekend

Found a new place to draw yesterday–Nan Lian Garden and the Chi Lin Nunnery¬†across the street. It’s a 5 minute walk from the Diamond Hill MTR station. I brought my sketchbook but was with friends walking through so only took some photos. Will have to stop by for a longer visit soon as this current weather is optimal for outdoor drawing sessions. We also had today off for Chung Yeung Festival, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. Worked on some art things…rebound my Sketchbook Project sketchbook ¬†with watercolour paper and a print from my art school days, made a start on the print for Christmas mail and finished off watercolouring in the temple from the Tianmu sketchwalk two weekends ago.

Sadly just two school days this week  for art classes as we have parent-teacher conferences Friday and Saturday.

Hope your week so far has been productively enjoyable and low in humidity. The latter certainly puts people in a good mood here.

a first grader’s sketchbook

One of my first graders gave me his sketchbook two weeks ago after having had a chat on registration day about what we had each been drawing over the summer. Am a fan of the patterns and textures he creates in his work. He definitely has a unique quality to his art and flipping through his sketchbook reminded me that I should be doing a lot more drawing myself.

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summer travel sketches

Some quick sketches from summer in north america

mainstreet unionville, ontario
garden doodle


central park, new york
point lookout beach, new york
poet’s landing, connecticut
ferry building clock tower, san francisco
hummingbird atop strawberry hill, golden gate park