notes to dad–happy father’s day

Some profoundly deep, some hilariously funny and a wide range in between.

There were quite a few notes of gratitude about downloading games/apps and the iPad. Wonder what it’ll be next year.

Here are a few from my kindergarten kids for your enjoyment…

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.
Your presence, love and care are so important.

lower mouth

It’s amazing the conversations one can have with a piece of paper, especially when a mouth is staring back at you. I had a ball watching the kids and their new creations whether they be a ninja, monster, bird, spider, themself (cause their dad loves them and so would love the card too) or as we can see here, dad himself…

This artist was really enjoying making his father’s day card and talking to his dad at the same time.  When the bottom half of the pop-up section got stuck, he proceeded to fix it and said to him:

“Dad, talk with your lower mouth!”