hanoi in twenty

may 2012 . dragonair . melia hanoi

what’s your story?

Watching people and wondering what their stories are…

Minh’s Jazz Club, Hanoi
MTR, Hong Kong


Starbucks opposite the National Zoo, D.C.
field by Conservatory of Flowers, SF
Coffee Bar, SF
SFO, headed to Edmonton and then Yellowknife

chris–this ones for you

3 hours, HK$166 at Starbucks (thx Dragonair for covering 150 of that) and scoping out phenomenally priced SF properties on Redfin–my first encounter and thoroughly impressed.

If any cross paths with me, will send them your way…they’re out there.

Solved this mystery…perhaps you can try and find the “similar ice cream store” that opened across the street when you’re back in SF…

May your Mongolian improve exponentially in the next month! ; )

Until the next adventure! xo