blue eyes

Not only a great song off Garden State–what I reckon is one of the best soundtracks out there, but was so tempted to write that in my sketchbook and stand next to the guy holding the sign that said Brown Shoe at the arrivals hall.  Just one shoe mind you.  One brown shoe. We would have made quite the duo beside all the hotel pick-up people. Not sure how well they would’ve taken my cheekiness but I should’ve given it a go. I waited and watched but didn’t end up getting to see who brown shoe turned out to be.  Ever so curious.

By the end of November, I would’ve been at the airport ten times in the past two months. Quite a personal record and am ambivalent about my carbon footprint but at least one of these visits I wasn’t travelling and actually had some time to watch people and draw. Airports are such interesting places, especially the arrivals hall. People hover, pace, wait in anticipation. It’s a happy place, a place of connections. To know someone is out there waiting for you because they want to be with you that moment you stop being in transit is pretty amazing as is getting to watch people’s faces light up as that invisible gap closes.

It was good to have to draw quickly and practice getting in just those lines needed. Some of the people who caught my eye…

family having a Starbucks snack

arrivals hall A

this guy had trendy hand carry luggage…his friend was buying tickets of some sort so I had a few minutes to sketch

mom, kid, kid, guard

catching some shuteye