what would you like from the US?

A  visit from you and everything here.

salome food


It’s strange the things you miss living abroad…from a place like home but not really home yet feels so much like home. A summer without North America has left me somewhat off-kilter.

What would be on your list?

Am awaiting the imminent arrival of goods…and friend.

summer travel sketches

Some quick sketches from summer in north america

mainstreet unionville, ontario
garden doodle


central park, new york
point lookout beach, new york
poet’s landing, connecticut
ferry building clock tower, san francisco
hummingbird atop strawberry hill, golden gate park

dog or kid?

I kind of forgot how entertaining running outdoors can be. Saw a man doing tai-chi and fishing, rowers, dragon boaters, photo shoots with dogs/kids/significant others, and dodged quite a few bicycles and dog pee.

But it’s the suspense of a dog/kid that gets me every time I see a perambulator…and there were plenty out today.

And then at the point where I turned around, this mountain…something I saw most days in highschool.  Looking up, serene and peaceful.