out of breath


on reading a classmate’s comic book in art class…

Have you read this comic? Have you read this comic?
It’s so funny I’m out of breath!

I do love kindergarten.

good news


on being in first grade the next time we meet for art class…

K artist: That’s good news!

me: Why?

K artist: We will learn so much more!

The exclamation marks do not do him justice here. He was so serious and so excited. I don’t recall feeling that way myself going into first grade. It was more fear and anxiety, perhaps because we moved halfway around the world. But this enthusiasm and excitement seems to be the overall sentiment with this year’s K kids. We’re just going to have to make grade 1 epic now won’t we?


My tummy hurts. Just now my pencil, the stinging part, poked my tummy.

                                                           –kindergarten artist

colour theory

Decided to try a more open approach with colour theory this year and parted ways with the colour wheel.  Am delighted with how things turned out, especially the different approach taken by each of the K artists.

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There was so much excitement in discovering new colours and sharing with each other how they made it.  Golden was a favourite among all four classes.  I personally prefer the blues. So enjoyed watching them work and listening to them explain the process.