Slightly sidetracked today on run…until the rain came down and taking out iPhone was not the best of ideas. So did manage to get in a good run, albeit a very wet one.

a great one

one of those days that has finally come around again…
  • being back at school after the break and having kindergarteners tell me first thing in the morning while I’m on bus duty that they LOVE art….and that since it’s Day 3, they’d see me later in class.
  • feeling like it’s my birthday still… thank you L for Q&A a day…this is going to be five memorable years ; )

  • evening run and seeing so many groups of kids out running too. And I mean kids on their own, ~6 to 12 years old, running instead of watching the telly or gaming. They really should  get their parents out and about. So made my day…I just wish we had been running in the same direction as it would’ve been fun to race them along the river.

  • learning of the existence of Whittaker’s Peanut Butter  block courtesy of fellow pb lover @sarah2260.

dog or kid?

I kind of forgot how entertaining running outdoors can be. Saw a man doing tai-chi and fishing, rowers, dragon boaters, photo shoots with dogs/kids/significant others, and dodged quite a few bicycles and dog pee.

But it’s the suspense of a dog/kid that gets me every time I see a perambulator…and there were plenty out today.

And then at the point where I turned around, this mountain…something I saw most days in highschool.  Looking up, serene and peaceful.