what i love about

Sharon Lam, AP art show

IMG_1611Philz Coffee–Am not an avid coffee drinker but I could be if I lived closer to Philz. And what a mission statement they have. Was most intrigued by the ordering/paying/picking up routine in place.

IMG_2114Karl the Fog–Provides endless entertainment from across the Pacific though stalking him in person is preferred. Humour, wit, good looks and some stealthy moves…need I say more.

IMG_2078landmarks–better than a compass

IMG_2085climbing high–Plethora of vantage points…really every other block it seems . A view whichever direction you look.

birite frozen goodness–Can one city have more specialty ice-cream stores? Have yet to make my rounds but they all look delightful.

IMG_1498green green grass and blue blue sky

IMG_2103 art everywhere–in and around the city and an abundance of art happenings

IMG_2090IMG_2108the dahlia dell & golden gate park–Symmetry, colour and organic forms abound. Pretty much everything I enjoy doing within its 4.1 km².

it is finished

art salome-0001

Frequently heard in Ghana these past few weeks, usually when things were not available…or whenever. But it is indeed finished, travelogue–art for the sketchbook project 2013. Sure felt like being back in uni staying up late and working on art till the early hours of the morn. The pages, or go see it when it’s road-tripping.

old loves & new finds


  • Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

Korean food is exceptionally good in Toronto and this is a stop I make every time I’m in town. Yonge/Finch-5445 Yonge St, North York; Koreatown-691 Bloor St W, Toronto

  • fresh–vegan & vegetarian fare. Love this place. If it were not for my affinity towards bacon, I could be vegetarian.

new york

  • Cafe Mogador-family owned Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurant.  Wish I had had a few more meals here in NY.

halumi eggs for brunch


mad collection of interesting items

hidden treasures waiting to be discovered

  • Museum of Unnatural History–826 D.C.

As fun to poke around in as the Pirate store in SF. The captions to the displays–“Critical Moments in Unnatural History” were thoroughly entertaining.

san francisco

A beautifully designed space.  Loved the music they played–from The Temper Trap to Radiohead to The xx. Top it off with intriguing company and a maple apple bacon scone…the perfect place to draw, read, and make up stories  about people you’re watching.

A few other interesting things in the neighbourhood:

  • Green Apple Books–independent bookstores are gems of a city. Had the weather not been amazingly un-foggy, I would’ve spent my entire last day in SF here.

And Eggers happened to be inside signing his new book–A Hologram for the King.

portland, oregon

  • Breken Kitchen–cool breeze, open space, good food
  • Nicholas Restaurant–family owned Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant.  I was at the one in Gresham. Ample vegetarian options and the dishes are great for sharing…which makes a meal even better.

phoenix, arizona

  • QuikTrip–If you have never stepped into a QT before, you must…just for the experience.  I’ve lived in the states and travelled around a fair bit but have never come across anything like it. People sure do love their fountain drinks.

32oz for 79cents

the lid selection

my QT purchase….not a fan of soda so got tea from the tea bar, which had about 6 options.

vancouver, b.c.

  • Twisted Fork Bistro-local ingredients, amazingly delicious food, featured artists’ work on the walls. 1147 Granville St

Caramel Napolean–Almond tuilles filled with caramel mousse and fresh raspberries served with house made maple ice cream and raspberry coulis

AZ and SF

The ever changing landscape in Arizona is stunning as is the vastness and colours of the sky.  Have you ever seen it rain from afar as grey clouds sail across the blue? Breathtakingly beautiful.

San Francisco is beautiful in a different sense.  It’s a city in the sky, appearing and disappearing as it pleases. Mesmerized by my first sighting of hummingbirds, that strange feeling of running into fog, the perfect symmetry of dahlias.

I forgot to photograph the postcards I painted in SF before mailing them off…next time.

need a little ice-cream?

I think I may need to add ice-cream shop to my usual city stops of library and independent bookstore.  Roasted marshmallow at Greg’s has been my all time favourite since uni until this summer in SF. If only these two could meet.


Greg’s now has two locations–Bloor & Spadina and at the Distillery District.

roasted marshmallow, Greg’s Ice-Cream, Toronto


So glad to have finally crossed paths with Bi-Rite. They’re opening up a second shop on Divisadero soon…spread the love.

salted caramel, Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco


And this is the go to for those days when one just needs an ice-cream fix.

when not in TO or SF

summer travel sketches

Some quick sketches from summer in north america

mainstreet unionville, ontario
garden doodle


central park, new york
point lookout beach, new york
poet’s landing, connecticut
ferry building clock tower, san francisco
hummingbird atop strawberry hill, golden gate park

what’s your story?

Watching people and wondering what their stories are…

Minh’s Jazz Club, Hanoi
MTR, Hong Kong


Starbucks opposite the National Zoo, D.C.
field by Conservatory of Flowers, SF
Coffee Bar, SF
SFO, headed to Edmonton and then Yellowknife

chris–this ones for you

3 hours, HK$166 at Starbucks (thx Dragonair for covering 150 of that) and scoping out phenomenally priced SF properties on Redfin–my first encounter and thoroughly impressed.

If any cross paths with me, will send them your way…they’re out there.

Solved this mystery…perhaps you can try and find the “similar ice cream store” that opened across the street when you’re back in SF…

May your Mongolian improve exponentially in the next month! ; )

Until the next adventure! xo