Feliz Día de la Madre

This week as the second graders have  been finishing up sewing their logo, some students used their extra time and new found skills to make a bookmark for their mum. They are getting so good at it and I can’t wait to extend their sewing skills to bookmaking/binding in our last project of the school year.

Orange is definitely the colour of the season.

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday in many a country, here’s a purposeful gift for mum–IJM’s Gift of Freedom.

they’re getting the hang of it

I have to admit that on multiple occasions I asked myself what I was thinking attempting to sew with 7-8 year olds. Of the 75 artists, there were about 3 who said they had previously done some sewing.

The (constant) untangling and un-sewing is totally worth it though when I see them so focused  and excited drawing with yarn.   Sewing is such a practical skill to have and utilizing it as a new medium to create art is even better. There is such a sense of accomplishment when they realize what they are doing and when they are able to help and teach other students as well.

Things most challenging–threading the needle and tying knots.  But with continued practice and patience….see what they have made:

I’d say these works of art are pretty amazing!

Can I just use a sewing machine?

Second graders have been learning how to sew and practicing the running stitch and backstitch for their logos. As we were reviewing at the start of class…

gr 2: Can I just use a sewing machine? It’s so much faster.
me: Do you know how to use a sewing machine?
gr 2: No.
me: If you bring one in, I’ll teach you.

Later in the class, he wanted to know if there were other types of stitches he could use.  I think I have a sewing enthusiast!

I wish we had home ec class, the kids would love it. It was one of my favourites along with CDT (craft design and technology) and art.