art house co-op mystery project

second tree left of the orange bin

Two occasions I’m glad I live on this side of the world…a May 31st submission deadline means I still have most of June 1, flying back to north america and arriving a few hours later the same day.

This is what came in the mail a few months ago  for the mystery project:

the colour was green tea
mystery map of the green spaces in sha tin

There was a strong monsoon warning that morning so had to find a semi-sheltered place to leave my map.  I regretted using a hole punch and not a slot punch after finishing off one side but between report cards and all the other end of school stuff, decided that making a new map would probably not be the wisest of decisions.

either blown away by monsoon winds or someone found it

Hope whoever came across it is now wearing the love the earth button proudly ; )


Slightly sidetracked today on run…until the rain came down and taking out iPhone was not the best of ideas. So did manage to get in a good run, albeit a very wet one.

weekend art finds

Wan Chai:
I stopped at ARTONE yesterday and  was  disappointed to find only 2 galleries open and a few others setting up/changing exhibits? even though there were supposed to be exhibitions taking place according to their website and poster ads.  It was a quiet space considering how much pedestrian traffic was going on just outside with the extremely large HK Gifts and Premium Fair at the convention centre.  It has the potential to be a great art space…will have to give it another go the next time I am over on the island.

Let Us Speak was supposed to be showing here.
fiberglass sculptures by Guo Qi Peng...viewed from outside as the gallery was temporarily closed
Wanted to find out who made that piece in the back. The enlarged heads are intriguing.


Causeway Bay:
Bringing art into the public space engages the community. I love listening to people talk about the art, especially parents with their kids.  These photos from the Zoom-in on Poverty exhibit outside Times Square generated a lot of thoughtful questions and conversations.



A little further down from the photography exhibit was  the Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition: Art Orchestra by Kim Taik-Gi. It will be shown until May 20, 2012.  Here are a few of the stainless steel wire sculptures:


I liked the conductor, who was facing these musicians, as you could look right through him and see the busy city moving by.  Added a different element to the sculpture and made it less static.


Sha Tin:
Scattered behind New Town Plaza is an array of permanent outdoor art.  One of my favourites is this one:

Night Watch, glass and LED--WOKmedia

It’s even better at night.


HK is definitely embracing the arts much more than it used to and that is wonderful.

dog or kid?

I kind of forgot how entertaining running outdoors can be. Saw a man doing tai-chi and fishing, rowers, dragon boaters, photo shoots with dogs/kids/significant others, and dodged quite a few bicycles and dog pee.

But it’s the suspense of a dog/kid that gets me every time I see a perambulator…and there were plenty out today.

And then at the point where I turned around, this mountain…something I saw most days in highschool.  Looking up, serene and peaceful.