life is the heart of a rainbow

I made it back to Singapore in time to catch Yayoi Kusama’s show at the National Gallery Singapore! Earlier in the year, I was taking In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting from MoMA x Coursera (an excellent course if you’re looking for something to learn). Kusama was the last artist we studied and I happened to be in Singapore when doing some additional research and read about her show Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn which I couldn’t get to in time : ( and the upcoming one in Singapore which was more feasible. I’ve come across her work here and there but have never had the opportunity to see such a large body of work together so was really looking forward to this.

The above red painting—Infinity Nets is one of my favourites from Life is the Heart of a Rainbow and was made with gouache, pastel and ink on paper in 1952. The exhibition room that held her black and white pieces from floor to ceiling was also quite stunning. There’s so much to see and discover in each piece of work.

A series of golden yellow oranges from the show…

and more dots and reflections.


The Hirshhorn has organized a North American tour and dates are:


The Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo is opening October 1, 2017. Tickets for the first two months are sold out already but December tickets will be available October 1.

Hope you can catch her work somewhere around the world.

haut-commissariat du canada

IMG_4983Hooray to the arrival of ten year Canadian passports…and art on the pages! My favourite is 30-31showing Nellie McClung of the famous five, and Terry Fox–read their stories in the page dropdowns. I got mine back in February but we went to the High Commission of Canada yesterday so my sister could collect hers.


I poked around One George Street as I couldn’t be bothered to sign in, go through security, etc. to head up. A not so windy day in Singapore but finally figured out the other flag is for New Zealand as their High Commission is in the next tower…Commonwealth neighbours.

IMG_4944Here’s a map of all Commonwealth countries, many more than I knew of. I also did some reading up on embassies and high commissions and learned the latter is what we find in Commonwealth countries.

IMG_4986These beauties were near the flagpoles and captured during my wait. I find the plants here are sculptural, vibrant, and pretty much everywhere. Beautiful and rather magical.

later in the morning as we explored Fort Canning Park

stories, connections, community

So many great learning opportunities teaching and living in Asia.  Last weekend I was in Kuala Lumpur for the EARCOS Leadership Conference and this weekend I’m at the GIN Conference in Singapore. Both very new and different experiences. There is much to process from the ELC and now, even more ideas, conversations and learning taking place here with the HS students to add to the mix.

Not being in an administrative role, it was interesting to meet and interact with so many administrators and school leaders in KL. We often do not see or are unaware how administrators connect with the day to day of learning and school life. I was most encouraged by those I spoke with and learned from–to be reminded of their passion and vision and to see that they are truly invested in what they are doing in promoting and supporting growth and change in their school communities.

Here at GIN, the dedication and excitement of so many HS students is amazing.  Seeing them in action here–building relationships, engaging each other in dialogue over Rischard’s 20 global issues, collaborating, planning…is truly inspiring.

Too often  we compartmentalize people into roles and default to the If only they would mentality. Over these two weekends though, I have seen people take ownership and action. We need to continue to share our stories, connect, and build community for change.