cmu cyanotype saturday


On Saturday Morning, a group of art students from Chiang Mai University came over to Rumpueng for a cyanotype workshop. I showed them some of my previous prints and went through the process of mixing up the chemical solutions and preparing the paper/surface for printing. Found materials from the area were used for printing and we had a few hours to explore and experiment together.


highschool workshops

The highschool workshops took place earlier this week. The students are on term break so I really appreciated them taking the time to come out to Rumpueng to spend with me. The original plan was to do a mapping of place through texture and object collections but because of workshop timing, it would be dark out.

We explored our vision of place instead, contrasting how other people like visitors or tourists perceive our city/home and how we would choose to convey it. As a fan of mail and Chiang Mai being a popular holiday destination, the postcard format was used.

What is it that we value and find meaningful in the place we call home?

We looked at typical Chiang Mai and Thailand postcards depicting wats, monks, tuk-tuks, elephants and developed ideas for our own set of cards sharing what we would like other people to see and know. Here are a few of the pieces.

Our second evening was spent exploring different book structures and how the tetra-tetra flexagon could be used. Ideas ranged from depicting changing feelings to a children’s story to the elements earth, wind, fire, water.

IMG_6120 IMG_6118


I haven’t learned much Thai yet and English was limited but these two evenings we were still able to share and learn from each other. I’m continually amazed at how people communicate and especially how art can give us a voice in so many ways.

bookmaking at ETC 13

Visual Arts was one of the strands this year at the EARCOS Teachers’ Conference in Shanghai so I had the opportunity to run a bookmaking workshop.

all set up in an art room at Concordia International School

We had a great turnout that morning. It was hard to gauge how many people would be there and the bulk of my luggage did end up being materials and tools for the session but it was well worth it. What I enjoyed seeing most was the wonderment in discovering the potential of a sheet of paper and participants teaching each other and sharing techniques along the way.

Post-it® thoughts and ideas from the bookmakers…

What is a book?
  • a visual representation of ideas
  • it’s a life mirror
  • my lover
  • an exciting TRIP
  • a means of sharing information
  • everything
  • educator
  • entertainment
  • a written form of communication that is purposeful and organized
  • companion
  • ideas, opinions, moments ready to be shown
  • a promise…a journey
  • a paper trail to/thru another world
  • inspiration
  • a learning experience
  • a friend
  • an access to learning
  • something to share
  • creative process
  • a new world and a great resource for all
  • a place for documenting art/thinking process
  • a reference source
  • a collection
  • early form of information
What is your relationship with books?
  • We are friends since I became literate
  • Books–are like finding a friend..check, look and discover ♥
  • the only long term relationship
  • I love my large collection of picture books
  • Love children literature. I started my children book library 25 years ago when I have my first child. Write and or illustrate children book is one of my dreams.
  • the physical interaction–tactile experience and smell of books
  • Good! Useful! Entertaining!
  • read, travel, and experience life with characters
  • the physical feel
  • I get students to love
  • Books take me away from the stress of life! They nourish me!
How can we use bookmaking in our classrooms?
  • Camp Taiwan Journal for kids to record their experiences
  • field sketchbook
  • to have my students write a book for their 1st grade reading buddies
  • In my classroom–PERFECT way for: expressing ideas, showing what was learned, keeping reminders
  • to showcase student ideas
  • student expression & accomplishment
  • Teaching kids about beginning, middle, & end. Also how some story patterns repeat ie. If you Give a Pig a Pancake!

Thanks to the participants who contributed to the workshop with their ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. I learnt a lot from you and appreciated our time together.

Workshop photos can be found here and book structures we worked on here.

upcoming art workshops/conferences in asia

my sister sent this to me…taken at a park in ontario, canada

Back  in HK and ready for an amazing school year! This summer was particularly inspiring and filled with amazing people and places. Lots to catch up on there but school begins Monday for us so thought I’d kick off with some art happenings for the school year. Never too early to start planning your learning adventures.

Cross Currents–Asia Region Art Educators Workshop 2012
The British School, New Delhi, India
Friday September 28 – Sunday September 30
Registration deadline: Friday August 10, 2012
Workshop Cost: USD 125

Blank Canvases–Asia Region Art Educators Workshop (ARARTE 2012)
Taipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan
Friday October 12 – Sunday October 14
Workshop Cost: USD 125

EARCOS Teachers’ Conference 2013
Concordia International School, Shanghai, China
Thursday March 28 – Saturday March 30, 2013

The Visual Arts and Performing Arts will be strands at the East Asia Regional Council of Schools Teachers’ Conference. Check the EARCOS site in the fall for more info.